Candidate Information

Thank you for your consideration in running for a position on the Ohio Student Nurses Association Board! Please download the Candidate Information Packet, and read it over. This should answer most of your question and provide lots of useful information, including important dates you will need to be available through next October. All candidates should plan on attending both House of Delegate sessions at this years convention on Saturday, October 5th, and there will be a mandatory meeting for New Officers all day Sunday, October 6th.

You will find the official application and the consent to serve on pages 8-11 of the information packet. If you plan to pre-slate, please return a scanned copy of pages 8-14 via email to by Saturday September 14th, 2019. If you plan to run from the floor, you need to have your application, Consent to Serve and Dean’s Statement of Support completed prior to the House of Delegates Meeting on October 5, 2019. If you are in an ADN program graduating in December 2019 and wish to run for the 19-20 board position, you must submit proof of enrollment in your BSN program to be eligible to run.

You are encouraged to email Maggie King with any question you may have.