International Photo Contest

Deadline: September 25, 2019

Purpose: The international photo submission contest aims to embody the concept of taking global initiative by documenting a pivotal moment (group or individual) during an international experience abroad and sharing how awareness of the nursing roles in improving global health was or can be enhanced.

  1. Submit a photo of yourself, fellow nursing students or a place where a pivotal moment in your global nursing experience took place. 

    The photo should be a creative experience that does not exploit the community or its members, but highlights the integrity and intentions of the global experience

  2. With your photo, submit a paragraph that supports the purpose of this contest.

*Please note: any photos submitted must be accompanied by a photo release waiver signed by each person appearing in the photo.  (Download photo release waiver)

Awards and Prizes:
First place – $25 Gift card, certificate and photo displayed on webpage
Second and Third place – Certificates and photo displayed on webpage

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