Newsletter Contest

Deadline: September 25, 2019

The primary purpose of a school newsletter is to inform the membership of chapter events and other news in a timely and interesting manner. Further, it should promote interest in student participation in these events and encourage the membership to contribute articles, letters to the editor, or suggestions about events.

The secondary purpose is to promote a positive image of nursing and to report on current issues and concerns in nursing.

Awards and Prizes
$50 and certificate

Apply Here

Judging Criteria

A. Frequency of Publication – 20 points maximum. (From 10/2018 through 9/2019)
· Two times (5 points)
· Three times (10 points)
· Four times (15 points)
· Five+ times (20 points)

B. Content – 30 points maximum. Based on the following criteria:
· Relevance and timeliness
· Student and variable author participation
· Balance of news & features

C. Layout and Design Considerations – 30 points maximum.
· Up-front placement of priority news
· Tempting headlines throughout the issue
· Appealing front page
· Balance of copy with photos/art & headlines
· Readability (size of type & use of white space)
· Consistent format
· Unity (focus of issue, photos to support article, ads appropriate to nursing)

D. Accuracy – 20 points maximum.
· Effective proofreading
· Proper referencing
· Observance of copyright laws
· Volume and Issue number listed